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April 14 to June 9

Artists' Reception in the Photolab Gallery   ::   Sunday, April 15th , 3pm to 5pm

Nicolo Sertorio

Hannah Rothstein



Nicolo Sertorio (above) grew up mostly in post-war Europe, when the economy was growing and the outlook to the future was bright. He moved to the US partly riding on this wave of abundance. Then slowly the hidden costs started to reveal themselves, in the forms now all too familiar: economic disparity, environmental pollution, abuse of natural resources, new diseases, global warming, loss of identity). Nicolo found himself wondering what it meant to live an honest life.

He says "I started to realize that I was witnessing over and over a loss of identity, that people stopped caring for the world around them as they felt they no longer had a stake in it. This series is thus based on the idea that the current sense of disenfranchisement derives from the fundamental disconnect we have from the natural world and the social isolation that comes with it. In turn, the perception of the natural environment as something external drives our uses and abuses of environmental resources."


National Parks 2050

Hannah Rothstein (below) National Parks 2050 is a call to action. Drawing upon the classic National Parks posters, this series shows how climate change will affect seven of America's most beloved landscapes. In doing so, it makes climate change feel close to home and hard to ignore.

We have the ability to outsmart the issues highlighted in National Parks 2050, but we need to act now. From Franklin to Fuller, America has been made its greatest by embracing ingenuity and innovation. If we dive headfirst into inventing for a brighter future, we can prevent National Parks 2050 from becoming a reality.

This series aims to inspire everyone, from everyday citizens to policy makers, to acknowledge the issues ahead, admit that climate stewardship is a non-partisan issue, and work together to actualize the solutions we're capable of creating.



April 14 to June 9, 2018

Artists' Reception in the Photolab Gallery  ::  Sunday,  April 15th ,  3pm to 5pm

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