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December 1st to January 12, 2019

Artist's  Reception in the Photolab Gallery   ::   Saturday, December 1st , 5pm to 7pm

Cindy Stokes in the Photolab Gallery

Form and Formless

In isolated details, Form and Formless embodies the fluidity and solidity of water in all its forms. Freed from the distraction of their surroundings, in these fragments water becomes abstracted form and formlessness. While the more recognizable images ground us, the strangeness of others resulting from loss of scale and even identity invites personal interpretations within the uncertainty. For me the series embodies my feelings in that place between waking and sleep, where my thoughts flow unimpeded, veering between familiar and altered realities. In that space I relive, reimagine, and reinvent my reality, just as water endlessly transmutes its own presentation all the while faithfully and immutably sustaining life as we know it.

About Cindy Stokes: Spending countless hours studying cells under the microscope during graduate school initiated my interest in the seen world and photography as a means of recording it. Initially a means of conveying information, over time photography became my means to explore ideas, emotion, and story.  My photography focuses on found objects and spaces with a strong inclination towards abstraction, which feels to me more representative of life’s ambiguities and uncertainties than representative imagery. I’ve been featured at Leonardo events and Shooting the West and exhibited nationally and internationally. My interests include handmade and photo books, alternative processes, and the interplay of images in multiples.  I reside in Redwood City, CA,  and have a studio in San Carlos, CA.



December 1st to January 12, 2019

Artist's Reception in the Photolab Gallery  ::  Saturday,  December 1st ,  5 pm to 7 pm

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