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Photolab Mailing Address

Mail order
Before you send, tell us:
1. Contact info: email or telephone & your return shipping address.
2.  What film are you sending us. # of rolls, type of film, etc.
3.  Process normal or push/pull? Special developer?
4.  Do you want a proof sheet? or
5.  Do you want prints? Choose surface (matte or glossy)
6.  Border options for 35mm or 120 proof prints are border or borderless
7.  Keep your negs on file for future orders or ship them to you?
8.  Prepayment by check or a credit card authorization form.
9.  Tell us how you want your order shipped back to you.
Prints &
For each frame of a roll we need to know:
Roll number
Frame number
Size of print
Quantity of prints for each size
Paper surface  (matte or glossy)
Your choice of borders for proof prints  border options
Cropping instructions  and borders (enlargements only)
Other custom instructions (enlargements only)

more details on these options
Prints &
Your files need to be: jpeg, RGB, 8 bit, flattened and in sRGB color space with a standard file naming convention.

Make folders labeled to tell us how many and what size for the files contained in the folder. For example: make a folder with 18 files labeled 1 each 5x7 borderless glossy

To order by mail, make a cd of your folders and mail it to us. Send us your payment info at the same time. Get our order form, label and credit card authorization form

iPhoto Users: Exporting from iPhoto can be tricky unless you know the trick. Do not use iPhoto to export your files to a CD without first reading iPhoto instructions on preparing a CD for a photo lab.

Faster Easier: Order Online using our online ordering system. You can upload and store your images online (this makes a great secondary backup system and it's free). When you order prints WE get your order and WE make the prints.

Advanced: We have several other digital file ordering methods you can use to upload files.

Interesting & Useful  Details: Framing Custom Made Photos

Safe ways of shipping us your film or negatives

Download a credit card authorization form

How to upload your digital files direct to us
About your
When compiling your order, attention to detail and accuracy counts. If you are sending in an order created by your client, please double check it before submitting to us to avoid mistakes and delays.

Clients are not photographers and their errors and omissions become your problem. Nobody has much fun then!! Refer them to this page for help in writing their own orders.
Incomplete Order Instructions: In the event that you ship an order to us with order instructions partially missing we will contact you by phone or email.

We prefer email so please include email info. We're good with telephones too.

Although we may start on your order if we can, we do not consider the order to be in our system until we have your complete order instructions. For example, if you send us 4 rolls of B&W film for developing and proof prints but you omit the print surface you want, we will contact you before moving ahead with your order.

If you take 2 days to get back to us with the answer, your order will be entered into the system when when you reply, not when we received your order. If for any reason we cannot reach you to clarify a detail, we will hold the order until you respond.

2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California USA 94710
Open Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm  Saturday 10am to 4pm Sunday 11 am to 3 pm
(510) 644-1400 California

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