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Come Visit Photolab in Person

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Come Visit Photolab in Person

Come Visit us In Person!

Photolab is located at 2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California. We are a retail business open to the public and accessible.

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Come Visit Photolab in Person

Meet Metallicat

And then there's the cat.  Metallicat was adopted from the Berkeley Humane Society. He is the most calm member of the staff,  probably because he sleeps most of the time.


About Us

Photolab, Berkeley, California

We are Photolab

With Passion For Real, Good Photography

We are a team of 10 photographers (and a cat) who love photography indiscrimanently. That is, we love photography in all its forms. Love film, oh yeah! And digital of course. We love pinhole photography, photograms, 120 film, and disposable plastic cameras. We adore black & white silver gelatin printing, cyanotypes, double exposures, and nitrogen burst agitation. We delight equally in 4x5 sheet film and a brand new mirrorless digital camera.

We love the tools of our trade: Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablets and Noritsu printers just like we feel passionate about Xtol and Dektol and D76.

Photolab is woman owned and operated; we are 5 women and 5 men and a Cat who is the boss of us all.
When we sat down and added up the years, we have over 200 years combined experience in this adventure we call photography.
We hope you will join the adventure with us!
2235 Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

(510) 644-1400

Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 3pm
  Pandemic Hours:  Monday - Friday  10 am to 5 pm