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Fine Art Copy & Reproduction

Art Reproduction - Digital Capture

Original Size Digital Capture Image File
Master & Proof
File Size
up to
40" x 60"
$45.00 25.00 and up 100% @ 300ppi
40 x 60 to
48 x 90
65.00 25.00 and up 100% @ 240ppi
over 90"
in any dimension
125.00 min 45.00 or by quote 100% @ 240ppi

Photolab Art StudioJOIN the
The Art Archive membership includes individual attention on your projects, special services and special pricing. We archive your work on our servers for easy re-ordering. You can place new orders from your archived files with just a phone call.

Archive members get exclusive offers by email 4 times a year.

Thirty five dollars.
One time set up fee.

Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity from Photolab
The Certificate of Authenticity adds value to your art work and is the accepted way to provide your fine art clients with the security that your limited edition art work reproduction is genuine.

8.5 x 11 sheet
$10.00  each

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Art Reproduction
- Digital Capture

We copy original flat art with a "digital capture" - a very large digital file, shot in a studio setting - in order to create highly accurate, professional and reproducible copies of photographs, paintings, drawings, sketches, watercolors and almost any other art work on paper up to very large sizes

We start with the capture, which
is a well lit, high resolution raw scan. To make a printable
file, one that matches your original artwork, the capture requires
 file mastering.

File mastering

File mastering is an essential part of the digital capture process that balances and fine tunes your raw image capture file into a printable image that matches your artwork.

. Mastering is a required step for this service. A 5x7 paper proof is provided on your choice of the fine art papers we carry.

When additional work (and additional proofs) are desired you may purchase more rounds of mastering at the same rate.

All reproduction work comes with a 5x7 paper proof, a full size .tiff print file and a web file on a cd or dvd or supplied media.

"I want to say thank you
for the beautiful job you did
on my prints in preparation
for last weekend's Open Studio
tour. I did quite well in the
sale of my prints, greeting
cards and bookmarks -- given
the down economy.

 Thank you also for the
suggestion to enlarge some of the images. They were displayed prominently and received 
lots of attention
--Elizabeth Saucier, Oakland

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