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C 41
E 6
B &W

Push, Pull and
Cross Process
available at a small
extra charge.


Holga Camera - red color

We sell
film for all the
toy cameras.

The charm of toy cameras is in the unexpected.
They're everywhere! Holga, Diana and Lomo cameras. The fun Fisheye No. 2 Acapulco La Quebrada too.

Toy cameras don't provide instant gratification. They aren't exactly a faithful representation of reality - both qualities greatly prized by digital photographers. The unexpected images, rather warped pictures, the slight delay-waiting for the prints to come back-may seem like draw-backs at first. After a few rolls, you'll find these elements benefit your creative process.

Toy cameras invoke child's play, restoring to you some of the original magic of photography experienced by every film photographer since Daguerre in 1834. Slow down, simplify and enjoy!

Toy Camera Prints
Make your Images Stand Out
Holga, Diana, Lomo, and other toy cameras make amazing prints from your 120 film. Everyday we process C41 (color negative) E6 (color transparency) including cross-processing and B&W 120 film. The very new Blackbird Fly makes square images on 35mm film. Now we've created a number of print options from toy camera negatives to take your images to a whole new level.

Holga 3D Stereo Prints:
Holga 3D cameras produce awesome  stereo images. Now Photolab makes stereo prints to put in your stereo viewer.

Diana Camera Borders:
Borderless 5x5 (not shown), White border 4.5 x 6,
Sloppy border 4.5 x 6, Keyline border 4.5 x 6,
Black background 4.5 x 6

White Border Sloppy Border
toycamera print white border
Key Line Border Black Background
toycamera black background
All film printed on Kodak Supra Endura, Glossy or Pearl surface.

Holga Camera Borders: (shown clockwise from top left)
Sloppy border 6 x 6, Keyline border 6 x 6,
White border 6 x 6, Black background 6 x 6,
Borderless 6 x 6 (centered)
 square format border options

Our business-like disclaimer
Your mileage may vary, aka YMMV. Our prints are individually analyzed for color and density. We love toy cameras and own several ourselves. We know how to make amazing prints. If your proof prints aren't exactly what you're looking for we recommend you speak to us about a custom print.

Use our mail-in form.

Download PDF price lists.

In the Bay Area? Come see us in person:

Location: 2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California, 94710 USA

Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm 
Saturday 10 am to 4 pm,
Pandemic Hours may vary
Pacific Time Zone (GMT-7) 

Telephone: (510) 644-1400 in California    (866) 644-1400 Toll Free


We sell FILM for Holgas, Dianas, etc, but we don't sell any toy cameras at Photolab. To buy one (or two) we recommend Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley. If you're local, well then you can go there in person. If you're not in the bay area check out their web site for their latest deals.

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Kind Words:
I called yesterday
to get something rushed
and you guys did it overnight!
You are AMAZING thank you
for being the best lab ever!
Thank you so much!
-Chris at L.G.


Photo credits on this page:
Chris Anderson
Lily Chou
Andrea McLaughlin

2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California USA 94710
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