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Shipping Guidelines

How to ship to us and receive orders back from us.

Where to Ship
Our processing facility and lab are located at:
Photolab, 2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California USA 94710-2216
We are also open to the public if you are in the Bay Area.
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Safe Shipping

We asked Federal Express, United Parcel Service and the US Postal Service for advise on how to ship photographic film to us.

Fed Ex specifically said they do not X-ray packages or use other equipment that will harm light sensitive materials.

UPS said it was safe ship unprocessed photographic film in their system and recommended that the package be labeled "Photographic Film - Do Not X-ray".

Our local USPS postal union official told us that unofficially it is safe to ship photographic film in the US mails. In fact, we safely receive shipments from all these plus Airborne Express and others.

We have seen no damage to exposed film from either handling or radiation.

Return Shipping
We use Business First Class and Priority Mail as our default shipping methods. We can ship back using the above shippers if you request it.

Include your account number and we will ship back to you using your account.

Drop Shipping / White Label Drop Shipping 
We can ship your order directly to your client. The package appears to be shipped from your address. All billing goes to you and your client receives only a packing slip. Customized elegant packaging is available for an extra fee.

Use our ROES ordering system to place drop ship orders from us from digital files.

Drop shipping from print orders with negatives is also available. Negatives are never shipped to your client (unless you request it, of course).

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Our shipping address:

2235 Fifth Street
Berkeley, Ca 94710-2216

2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California USA 94710
Pandemic Hours
Open Monday through Saturday
10 am to 5 pm  Pacific Time
(510) 644-1400

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