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Black and White Film Processing and Contact Sheets 
  Process only Add a RC contact sheet
Roll Film 135 or 120 $ 8.00 $ 16.00
Roll Film 220 20.00    16.00
4 x 5 sheets 4.50         12.00 **
4 x 5 sheets HABS 5.75    7.50
5 x 7 sheets 5.00    7.50
Push or Pull 2.00 per roll
Snip Test 6.00 per roll
Special developers 15.00 per roll 2 roll minimum
  Our standard developer is Ilford Ilfotec DD, standard processing method dip N dunk with nitrogen burst agitation. For special developers and film processed by hand see: Special Film Processing

Optical contacts sheets made in darkroom.

** BW 4x5 contact sheets on on 8 x 10 paper and hold up to 4 sheets of film

Special developers include: D-76, Acufine, Technidol, FG7, DK50 and HC110. Please ask for other options.

Also see our special developers page.

B&W Optical Contacts Sheets
8 1/2 x 11 contact sheet $  15.00 at time of development
Additional RC contact sheet 5.00 after the first one at time of development
8 1/2 x 11 ganged contact 20.00 for odd sized/single cut negs
5 x 7 gang contact 12.00 for odd sized/single cut negs
4x5 or 5x7 fiber contact 10.50 used for HABS requirements
8x10 fiber contact sheet 25.00 used for HABS requirements

Black & White Roll Film Scanning
Standard Jpeg High Jpeg Tiff Format
  Roll Film 135 uncut $ 8.00 $ 13.00 + $5.00
  Roll Film 120 uncut 8.00    13.00 + $5.00
Roll Film 220 uncut 14.00   20.00 + $5.00
  Roll Film 135 cut 15.00 25.00 + $5.00
Roll Film 120 cut 15.00 25.00 + $5.00
  Roll Film 220 cut 20.00 30.00 + $5.00

Add On Services
Email link to download free stored for 30 days  
Scan to USB flash drive or CD 5.00 up to 8 GB
Upload via We Transfer no charge  avail for 30 days  on our server
Upload to Lifepics no  charge create an account free online  storage!

Standard roll film scanning is available for standard film formats.
Film is scanned to archival grade CD, DVD, or USB flash drive or uploaded.
Roll scans include an index print.

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